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The museum was founded in October 1929 in Baranovichi as a local museum. At the same time for visitors the first museum exhibition was opened. The museum had three sections: nature, history and ethnography. During the years of Nazi occupation, the museum collections were looted. The first post-war years were the period of the revival of Baranovichi Museum. Currently, Baranovichi Local History Museum is located in the historic city center, in the early twentieth century building. The main task of the museum is to preserve, to conduct research of historical and cultural heritage of the region, to promote patriotism, pride and respect for the history of the small homeland and the country as a whole, the museum funds contain 59,402 units. The main fund has 40,930 units. Among 35 museum collections the most interesting are: the collection of postcards with the views of Baranovichi (the beginning of the 20th century and the 1920-1930s.), folk towels (the end of the 19th - the beginning of the 20th century, Baranovichi and Lyakhovichi districts), numismatics (the coins the 16th -20th centuries, including four treasures), the underground editions of the Nazi occupation period .The museum has unique items such as: 2 ornates made of Slutsk girdles, the 1588 Statute of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, published in 1694, the memorial sign “In honour of the first shot at Bosporus” with number 2 in 1915.

The museum has an exhibition hall (140 sq. m.), where there are exhibitions from own funds and others museums. The museum is one of the cultural and educational centers of the city, which offers thematic walking tours for different categories of visitors, museum and educational activities, the program “guest museum”. Since 2010, the museum takes part in the international event “Museum Night”.


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